Gloria is an award winning Architect and Interior Designer in the State of Florida and in the Dominican Republic. ​With over 16 years of combined national and international experience, Gloria's specialty is in private commercial and residential architecture and interior design.


Gloria is now the recipient of the AIA Tampa Bay Kelley Emerging Professional Award 2020, an honor award given to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service above self to champion the causes and issues of associate members and young architects within the chapter, local community organizations and beyond.


Gloria and her projects have been featured by architectural journals and newspapers like MediumNew York WireThe American ReporterNew York WeeklyYAHOO FinanceUS InsiderArquitexto, NCARB, AIA Young Architect Forum National Magazine “Connection", HOYListin DiarioDiario Libre, and others, regarding her experience in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and her journey as a foreign architect in the USA. See her publications here.​ Gloria was also nominated as the April 2020 Women in Architecture Tampa Bay. She was also honored the 2019 Sho-Ping Ching Women’s Leadership Summit Scholarship, a recognition to mid-career women architects who are advancing toward leadership roles and are making a positive impact within their communities. 

​Gloria is the NCARB’s Architect Licensing Advisor of the State of Florida through AIA Florida. She currently serves as Associate Director of the AIA Tampa Bay where she's the chair of the Women in Architecture (WIA) and Young Architect Forum (YAF) committees. 


Gloria was also invited to speak at the first Young Architect conference 2019 in Portland, Oregon, and was a panelist at the NCARB's Architect Licensing Advisor Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Recently Gloria hosted a seminar for the NCARB’s Architect License Advisors community and has been invited to be a Keynote speaker at the upcoming Western Mountain Region Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico to speak about women in Architecture and Leadership.

She recently opened her architecture firm in the United States. On June 15th, 2020, she was blessed with a baby girl whom she loves with all her heart. “Being an Archi-Mom while running an architectural firm has deeply transformed my perspective about life and business, and the importance of finding balance between architecture and motherhood. We women are so strong, powerful and capable. We can do everything we put our minds into it.” said Gloria.


Through her company, Glow Architects, Gloria Kloter puts women architects, archi-moms and foreign architects in the spotlight and shows how much women and immigrants can contribute to how the world is designed and laid out.

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