Arquitecta: A foreign woman architect and her life after the ARE.

It took me a while to start this blog, I had no time to write while I was trying to balance my life between the ARE, my full time job in an Architecture firm and my family, but today I finally got my Architecture License from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) in Florida, and I thought: "Alright, now what?"... But there was a big silent moment after I asked that question to myself.

Have you ever felt that way? You put so much effort, sweat, blood and tears towards a specific goal, and by the time you achieve it, you find yourself lost in the transition because that one goal was sucking so much of your time and life? You even feel the impulse to just keep doing what you were doing before, like as if you hadn't finished it yet. Well, if you haven't felt this way before, let me tell you, it's the weirdest thing!

I remember getting home on April 23, this was the day right after I passed my last ARE... And I didn't know what to do with my life! I just wanted to sit in my desk and keep on studying. Isn't that funny... And sad at the same time?

The good news is, the grass is greener after the ARE, and the sense of "emptiness" in your stomach doesn't last very long. If you're like me and you need to stay busy, you'll find yourself getting your schedule full again with new and exciting goals. This blog happens to be one of them for me.

Anyhow, I thought that the best way to start my blog was by introducing myself first to let you know a little bit more about me and all the ups and downs I've been through to become a Licensed Architect in the USA, who I am as a person, as a woman and as a foreign architect. Hopefully, after knowing my story you can relate to it in at least one part of it, and my hope is that this will inspire you to keep going in life to reach your goals, no matter the struggles you may be facing today.

I would like to share the video below, which has a summary of my journey. This video was recorded during the presentation of one of the ARE Pro-Practice Workshops we host in the AIA Tampa Bay in cooperation with YAF Tampa Bay and Young Architect by Michael Riscica, AIA. At that time, I was still missing 2 more exams to complete my ARE, which I passed right after, but I think every word I said that day still applies to anyone trying to be a registered architect in this beautiful country. Here's the link to it (Click the photo below):

Did you watch it? If not, please take a few minutes of your life and just watch it, you won't regret it, especially if you're an ARE candidate and you're looking for some encouragement in this process. If on the other hand you watched it, I hope it inspired you to write down your WHY, and no matter what's in your way right now, that you'll keep pushing forward until you cross that finish line. As I said at the end of the video: "If I could do it, YOU can do it... We can do it". So go get them tiger!


- Gloria

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